Saving lives with simple technology.
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Saving time and lives with simple technology



about us

Founded in early 2018 after the sudden rise in reported livestock attacks in the UK, Ewetrack saw an opportunity to link farmers with their livestock via technology. Still in its development phase Ewetrack is centering efforts around a series of IoT smart tag devices that enable a user to closely monitor livestock behavior. In collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College, UK Rural Crime Team and selected farmers, Ewetrack will launch in 2019 with a device that is set to raise the digital status of the UK sheep industry. Of which will in turn be a transferable product to similar industries.


  • By connecting location and motion parameters through simple technology we can reduce livestock worrying alert time by up to 95% and prevent livestock rustling. With the eradication of livestock theft it will align the UK livestock sector with a more sustainable approach pre brexit.
  • Connecting sheep farmers with real time data can assist in selection of breeding traits. 
  • Ewetrack will be able to ensure the already high standards of livestock and animal care are being met across the board.
  • Increasing farm efficiency is crucial in a sector where margins are tight, optimizing water and feed usage will allow farmers to achieve greater efficiencies .

Sheep Farmer? - Meet David... 

With the Ewetrack system David can monitor the real time location of his flock from his kitchen table at breakfast, his quad bike whilst he is gathering and even his sun lounger during his holiday before the lambing period. David no longer has to deal with phone calls from villagers who have spotted his sheep outside their fence line as he already knows within seconds. David and his shepherd can react fast when a ewe is lambing outside rather than risking any abnormalities of birth until their next flock check. He can retrieve those freshly born lambs to indoor shelter quickly before predators prevail. Not only that but David can go about his daily duties with the confidence of being alerted to any sheep worrying within seconds of the incident, reducing his mortality rate and potential abortions. Previously David lost sheep overnight due to rustling, he can now sleep easy knowing he will be alerted of any disturbance. Alerts of disease and lameness can also be sent to David so that he can map, monitor and measure the health of his flock and select his desired breeding traits. To top it off David has reduced yearly insurance costs.

David chose Ewetrack as he knows the importance of time saving, business sustainability and embracing new technology. 

David sleeps well.....





Virtual-fencing allows for a virtual boundary line to be drawn around a grazing field. This virtual line will alert the user of any sheep crossing that boundary.

Sheep Worrying Alerts

Sheep worrying is an unfortunate incident that occurs involving  dogs and other predators such as the fox. It commonly delivers huge mortalities, abortion and breeding issues after the event. The Ewetrack alert provides a 95% reduction in the time it takes for the shepherd or farmer to receive notice of an incident.


Capture big data sets on your flock's grazing, drinking and behavioral activities. This enhances decision making for future breeding, grazing and managerial planning.

Rustle Prevention

Sheep rustling is a growing problem and is considered as organized crime. With the use of Ewetrack rustle prevention capabilities farmers can be sure that not only themselves but the police will be alerted upon a rustling attack. Other users within the Ewetrack network will also be alerted to align the community and increase prevention.

Lameness and Disease

General Lameness can be assisted hugely by early detection and prevention. Lameness will induce a change in step routine and movement allowing Ewetrack to spot lame sheep before the general flock check. (R&D)

Lambing Alert

Lambing is a time of high flock attention especially when lambing outdoors. To ensure the upmost survival of lambs and to lower mortality rates, fast action is required once the birth has occurred. Ewetrack Lambing alert is built with the user over time and will alert the user of lambing and any difficulties that may occur. (R&D)